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Water is vital to our lives to stay healthy, to farmer's ability to grow crops for the local community and to generate income.

In Samuye women and young people spend hours each day and walking miles away to fetch water. As a consequence many young people are unable to attend school and miss out on the opportunities offered by a good education.

In 2008 SASHITA’s aim was to provide the people of Samuye with:
  • access to a water Well in good working order

  • clean water to reduce the likelihood of diseases such as diarrhoea and
  • access to improved sanitation

  • water for crops and livestock
This how the villagers used to have to get their water.

This has now been achieved thanks to the great generosity of our supporters. We have funded the installation of a deep water well and water tower to bring clean, safe water to the villagers.


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The SASHITA trustees would like to thank all SASHITA supporters who have supported us over the past 5 years. We have worked really hard and now have achieved our first goal of completing a deep water well in Samuye. 

These pictures show the progress and completion of the well.

-- The drilling lorry arrives to start the survey.

-- We've found water! The well is sealed.

-- Construction begins on the foundations of the water tank.

-- Electricity comes to the village for the first time!

The well is completed! 

There are more photographs of the construction of the well and installation of electricity in the Photo Gallery page. 

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