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We aim to recruit skilled volunteers to teach reading and writing to the community. We will strive to ensure education is available for all by educating and encouraging parents to send their children to school. 

We aim to educate the women in the community to allow them to contribute, take control of their lives and make decisions for themselves.  

We aim to help organise social activities for young people in the community and to set up clubs for children where they can learn, play and interact together, particularly for those who are still unable to attend school. 

We have identified an enormous need to raise awareness of the spread of HIV/AIDS; to educate the villagers on keeping themselves safe and reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS. We also hope to provide help and support to those widowed and orphaned by HIV/AIDS. 

In the near future we plan to build a Community Centre incorporating an adult education centre, a nursery school, health clinic, meeting space, and small workshop units for those who wish to start their own microbusinesses.  

We will strive to balance the gap between rural and urban people. 

We aim to facilitate development in rural areas where the majority are poor, and provide significant and long term changes. We hope to provide training sessions on gender issues, for both men and women and help them recognise the possibility and value of making shared decisions. 

We hope to help accelerate the empowerment of women and young people in rural areas, since many believe that work is only for men. However when women are given the chance to learn a skill and find a means of employment, research has shown that as well as giving the women a greater sense of dignity, the money the women earn is likely to benefit the whole family.

We aim to improve and promote environmental awareness and other related activities so that women and young people can reduce the impact of Global Warming. We aim to educate the communities about the impact of climate and help them make possible changes for instance tree planting and recycling. 

We aim to promote and cooperate with local Government, Local Authorities, Community Based Organisation, individual Corporation & Companies, Non-Government Organisations(NGOs), Schools & Colleges. 

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