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SASHITA's aims are to help the rural people to research market conditions that enable the rural poor to become successful market participants. 

To help the community integrate into agricultural markets both as consumers of products and services and as producers of saleable crops with the end result being increased incomes and improved livelihoods. 

Identify market opportunities that can be exploited by poor people. 

Develop technologies that the poor can use to generate income. 

Establish supply chains to deliver technologies to the poor at affordable prices. 

Establish links with output markets to ensure the poor rural community receives a fair price.

Have irrigation technologies for improving agricultural production and increasing market participation 

Help rural communities be able to afford to buy water pumps and water filters.

Change the existing mono-culture system that has led to exhausting of the soil fertility making the land or soil unproductive.

Conduct and carry out agricultural activities throughout the year, by using modern agriculture technologies, where it is necessary instead of depending on rainy season cultivation alone. 

Provide training in sustainable farming techniques such as, composting and tree planting which prevent soil erosion and help preserve the land in the long term. 

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