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June 20th 2015

Grant Finlayson took part in the gruelling Tough Mudder (Scotland) event along with friends Shaun and Diane Chiole on Saturday 20th June 2015.

Well done Grant, Shaun and Diane on completing the Tough Mudders on behalf of SASHITA and the people of Samuye. Even if Grant had to do the last 4 miles with an injured ankle! Well done team and hope your ankle gets better soon, Grant! The team have raised £800 so far but it's not too late to still sponsor them.

Grant: "We did really well even though I injured myself. At 6.5 miles I slipped and heard a crack in my ankle. It looks like Iíve done some ligament damage but not sure how bad yet. Managed to hobble the last 4 miles with help from Shaun and Diane my SASHITA team mates."

Grant, Shaun and Diane ready to go.


A field of training shoes!

Grant's poor injured ankle. Get well soon Grant!

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